paw One Paw Therapy

No haircut needed? This package is designed for the low maintenance pet that includes a light brush out, a refresher for frequently groomed pets and basic introduction for those th...

paw Two Paw Therapy

Haircut time or in need of a more thorough brushing? This package is designed for those regularly groomed or pets with a well-maintained coat in need of haircut or moderate br...

paw Three Paw Therapy

Long time no groom or is shedding an issue? This package is the most popular and designed for those pets with shedding issues or in need of a lengthy and concentrated brush ou...

paw Four Paw Therapy

Ready for a complete make-over? This package is designed for those pets in need of a spa day or a revitalized look with an enhanced color reinforcement treatm...

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Anti-Parasitic Therapy

Bath in a gentle peppermint shampoo and conditioned in an herbal basalm Tick Removal Nail Trim Ear Cleaning All natural anti-parasitic spray (lasts up t...

Anti-Odor Therapy

Bath using anti-odor shampoo followed by coat specific balsam Nail Trim Ear Cleaning Odor-Stop Spray (aides in blocking buildup of bacteria) ...

Dry and/or Sensitive Skin Therapy

Dead Sea Salt soak (soothes muscles and skin irritation) 3-step bath process which includes: Purifying shampoo (removes toxins from skin/coat) Mineral H ...

Kitten and Daschund

À La Carte

  • Nail Trim
  • Nail Coloring
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Finishing Spray
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Brushout
  • Bath only prices vary by breed
  • De-Shedding prices vary by breed
  • De-Matting prices vary by breed
  • Haircut only prices vary by breed
228 S. St. Francis Dr. Bldg. B
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 428-0444